Network Devices Definitions -Wireless definitions

Network Devices Once you decide on the types of connections you will use for your network you have to decide how your components connect to one another. Only the simplest networks with very few devices have every component connected. Hub The simplest network devices ia hub. A hub is simply a box with several connectors,… read more »

Malware Definitions

Malware definitions Malware refers to a collection of different types of software that share the goal of infiltrating a computer and making it do something, it is called Malicious software. This software are most of the time installed with the end users full consent. There are two types of malware: 1. Programs that spread or infect 2. Programs that… read more »

Android & Appstore

Cyber criminals behind Android Market and App Store Steve Jobs  had introduced iTunes in 2003- A well design software; a database specifically for music, movies and music videos, bringing along the a unique online store. This success was spread worldwide that Years later the 1st iPod was introduced and soon after in 2007 the 1st… read more »