SoftEther VPN server solution


Your own Softether solution.

In only a few minutes, you can have a very powerful VPN server installed and configured to connect from virtually any machine. PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN are all supported and the server it's very flexible for any configuration you may need.

This is an excellent VPN solution however you may come across a few issues but over all cant beat this software.

There are many issues with Softether but solution are growing to this free software community.

I am unable to find any solution to my ftpserver. FTP server and VPN server are running under the same machine but in cases ftp is out unable to be recognized it by client. If you have any thoughts on this please shootout a comment. I will do my best to create a blog on multiple issues to get this going.

To Download visit:

Once installed is step by step process.

  • Before connecting make sure that you select localhost and definitely create your cert before proceeding
  • Password leave blank as you will be prompt to set one up when connecting
  • Once you create your cert and password is a step by step process nothing too complicated.
  • Bridge-- select your hub and then select your ethernet connections
  • This software dont think it will enable or talk to the proper ports therefore is a manual process to enable ports 4500-500 1701 for VPN and OPENVPN on your router.
  • VPN ports are only UDP so forward those on your routers "ISP ROUTER"  to your IP. For most people this is common sense but for the ones that in a learning curve...
  • IPsec/LT2P == make sure you select those as per this picture clickhere  your IPsec shared key is needed. you will need when connecting as the client. if from connecting from win7 or machine. make sure you go to the properties under your VPN connection (once this has been created) go to the security tap and change it to LT2P - click advanced and add your SHared Key there otherwise you will not connect

Please any comments are helpful for this growing community. I will be sure to create blogs that pertain to an specific issue.


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