Windows 8 Network Monitoring Tools

network Monitoring tool

I have been searching online for numerous monitoring tools to watch over my network but no luck, plus i have limitations as to what i can do if my goal is to see my entire network, right 🙂 ! . I am currently getting my Cisco lab to accomplish this, but while i have it up and running as it should I will probably use some free Linux monitoring tools to watch over my network (Cacti). For now  i have settled for the embedded resource monitor tool provided by Windows.  After a day of constant watch and playing around my various tools i found this solution is right on point rather than any 3rd party software for my Windows Machine. In addition to; I use rain meter "widget to the right " to which provides current upload and download traffic in KB, which is quite useful if I encountered any spikes and then move to the resource monitor to target the service. If I want to get really detailed then use wire shark and target the communication between source and destination IP represented in my TCP connections. From there depending on the service being affected I either restrict or block whole IPs


How to get to the tool?

  • Task Manager
  • Performance
  • Click on Open Resource Monitor (bottom)
  • Network and adjust your colums

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